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Empire 1 Studio is a visual arts platform with a diverse range of skill sets and creative production elements. Studio services include graphic design for apparel, print and online web end users. Our design services cater to logos, branding, theme projects, personal adventures, family events, clubs, and more. The Studio's photographic team is marked with their diverse landscape, portrait, and modeling experience. We also offer commissioned contemporary fine art for those seeking a more intimate encounter. Empire 1 Studio values the experience of a "creative endeavor!" We also seek to exceed our client's expectations and our own. Our goal is to make your outstanding vision and voice a tangible expression through the profitable practice of the Visual Arts.

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Mixed Media Abstract

GHOST Mixed Media Abstract Art Print


Mixed Media Canvas. Acrylic & oil.

RED CROSS Mixed Media Abstract Hybrid Art Print


Mixed Media Digital Canvas Hybrid. Acrylic & oil.

VENTURE Mixed Media Abstract Art Print


Mixed Media Canvas. Acrylic, aerosol enamel, and oil.

Basically, Abstract Art is a journey into color, texture, and inner perceptions. It looks into the not so obvious subject matter of everyday life. Good Abstract Art attempts to remove the veil of surface realism and to expose what lies beneath. Abstract Art is not a practice where good fundamentals are abandoned but rather a practice in which good fundamentals are transformed into a new methodology. Mixed Media in visual art, is simply a reference to utilizing more than one medium in a piece of art; such as using oil paint and acrylic paint together. The range of mediums to use is great and diverse and is not limited to just types of paint.

The majority of works in Empire 1 Studio's Mixed Media Abstract Art section are significant for acrylic, oil, aerosol, and enamel paint compositions on canvas. Here the methodology is open, unlocked, and inclusive for materials, styles, and expression. A minority of the compositions represented involve photography and digital graphics or traditional ink drawing styles replete with graphics editing to form unique hybrid forms. In the case of the Red Cross print, the hybrid form is a composite of two different traditional abstract mixed media canvas paintings that has had their images digitally integrated. These images are from the "TalkingPipe" series. We offer this contemporary style for original commissioned fine art. These images contain watermarks.

Graphic Design

Green Banzai Graphics Print | May You Live 10,000 Years

Green Banzai. Graphics Print.

Empire 1 Studio Black Skull & Feet Logo Graphic

Empire 1 Studio

Flip Logo

Empire 1 Studio's Black Bones & Caesar Company Logo

Empire 1 Studio

Company Logo

Empire 1 Studio Black Skull and Crossbones Logo Graphic

Tie Dye

Tee Shirt Screen Print

Empire 1 Studio Caesar Logo Graphic

Tie Dye

Tee Shirt Screen Print

Graphic Design is formally considered a type of visual and design communication. Graphic designers use many elements not limited to words and images to form visual symbols that can represent an idea or a distinct message. Graphic Design involves substantial forethought and planning in the process of preparing a visual form that effectively communicates to a target audience. Branding and Logo projects are a common Graphic Design task whether it is for a small business or a community organization.

The Empire 1 Studio Graphic Design figures on display here, are significant for web site development, retail fashion and event configurations. The banner image is the "GreenBanzai," (...may you live 10,000 years...) Print. The GreenBanzai print (available) was inspired by the Fukushima Nuclear Accident. You can visit our GreenBanzai FB Page for more information. The print was a collaboration between Hung Nguyen & Dick Arn. Its composition developed from elements of photography and digital design.


Green Banzai Graphics Print | May You Live 10,000 Years

Environmental Composite Portrait. Juneau & Reno.

Empire 1 Studio's Candid Portrait Compilation

Candid Portrait Compilation. San Fransisco.

Empire 1 Studio Facial Portrait

Facial Portrait.


Empire 1 Studio Cover Portrait

Fade Portrait.

San Fransico.

Portrait of Empire 1 Studio Staff Photographer

Informal Portrait.

Kansas City.

Photography is subject matter, composition, and lighting. Subject matter can be a matter of preference and a passion, regardless selection of subject matter is key to good commercial photography. This studio looks to capture symmetry and asymmetry magnified by a distinct perspective in photo composition. The manipulation of lighting is a paramount tool for it in itself can make the difference between an average photograph and a great photograph that has substantial depth and tonal shades. That being said lighting can also provide striking contrast in photos that produce a flat tonality. In sum photography is a creative expirement of these three factors.

Typically, Empire 1 Studio works with raw modeling talent significant for individuals with exceptional life experience, character, and personality attributes. On occasion and per requirements of the work professional models are utilized. The photos below are cogent for their captive temperaments in fashion, fantasy, and portrait photography assignments. Currently no photographic prints are available for purchase. If you are interested in submitting a brief bio and photos for consideration in modelling projects use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Outdoor & Nature Photography

Empire 1 Studio | Mendenall River Nature Photograph.

Mendenhall River. Juneau.

Empire 1 Studio | Auk Lake Nature Photograph.

Auk Lake. Juneau.

Empire 1 Studio | Gastineua Channel.

Gastineau Channel. Juneau.

Empire 1 Studio | Eagle Glacier Trail.

Eagle Glacier Trail. Juneau.

Cow Bones at Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Pyramid Lake, Nevada.

Outdoor & Nature Photography is about knowing the technical features of your camera so that you can effectively mitigate environmental variables such as overcast clouds or a bright beaming sun. Some basic technical guidelines include using the RAW image setting, knowing what a gray card is used for, and incorporating the Sunny f16 Rule into your camera practices.

These nature and outdoor photos were taken during business travels and professional studies. This is North American geography. Locations we have viewed through the lens include Alaska, British Columbia,the Yukon, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah. More specific examples represented involve the Mendenhall Glacier, Eagle Glacier, Herbert Glacier, Salt Flats, Lake Tahoe, and the Prairie. Currently no prints are available.


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